I/O Setup Tab Output Assignments not working

I have assigned two outputs to have corresponding “Action in Program” functionality via the I/O Setup tab in the Installation menu. I have a red light assigned to “High when not running” and a green light assigned to “Low when not running”. These outputs do not change state at all if the program is started or stopped. The output for the red light “High when not running” is always on and the output for the green light “Low when not running” is always off.

What am I missing. I am trying to setup a Red/Green stack light to indicate to the operator if the program is running or not.

I believe both of those Actions only control the state of the IO when the program stops so the green light would go Low when the program stops but it would not change its state when it starts. You will need to set the IO in the program itself which you could do in the before Start Sequence option, but there is also a “High when running, Low when stopped” Action you could use for the green light as well. There is currently not a “Low when running, High when stopped” Action at the moment, so you will need to control the Stop light IO from the program or put the light on a NC relay so Low would enable the light and high would disable so you can use the same Action I listed above for the green light.

You could also look at using a SPDT relay and only use one output for the control of both lights.

Thank you nrivas, I didn’t realize that these Actions only triggered a state change on program stop. I have assigned the green light as you suggested and will add a relay to control the red light.

No problem, and like I mentioned in my edit, since these two seem to be working based on the same signal. You could use one SPDT Relay and control both lights from that single relay and only one single. Saves you an extra Digital output signal to use some other way.