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PDF Reader URCap


I am trying to get some feedback from the community on rather or not having a PDF viewer on the robot is helpful. You can import PDF’s such as the manuals and view them in the installation tab of the URCap. You can select the pdf’s on the left side, and scroll through using the left/right arrow or just type the page number in. You can search for keywords using the ‘Finder’ tool!

Personally I have found it useful when programming to look up scripting functions/commands.

Here is what it looks like:

Thanks look forward to some feedback!


Hello Reiner,

I realy like your idea, if you need a tester let me now.

MfG Jan

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Liked the idea, Roman.

As Jan pointed over here, if You need beta testers, count me in.

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That would be nice.
If you are thinking about new features I would ask for a functional file manager within polyscope. It would be useful to be able to move and copy files between folders.
Currently we use sftp from a remote PC,

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