Palletizing and Layers

We are using a UR10e for loading small parts into a Haas vf2 mill. We would like to load up more parts on the table for some repeat jobs. I want to stack them in a 6x6 arrangement 3 high, leaving an open space to place finished parts
our problem with this is the software only seems to allow finishing a layer before moving to the next level. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

Sounds like you want to have stacks of parts and have the robot pull all the parts from one stack before moving to the next stack? Not sure if the included palletizing routines support that (I don’t remember seeing anything like that).

Is there a reason you don’t want to finish the top layer on all stacks before moving to the next layer?

On our table we want to stack parts 3 high on a 6x6 grid. I want to leave the first corner empty and begin stacking finished parts into that empty slot. This way I can fill the whole table and get more run time between putting new parts on the table. so far it doesn’t seem to be an easy fix.

Gotcha. Makes sense.

My pallet is 36" x 48" but I don’t stack parts like you. Parts range in size from an inch cubed to about 3 x 5 x 3.

I place finished parts in the previous part’s position on the pallet in most cases. In some cases I drop finished parts into a box or bucket of coolant if stacking finished parts is too difficult, but these are mostly parts that a small drop from 6" high won’t damage them (doesn’t matter when I drop them in a bucket because I have coolant in the bucket to break the fall.)

You’d probably have to fiddle with the palletizing template and have a statement to recognize a specific corner as your “drop zone” but if you have the reach, you might be able to just make a waypoint to a zone next to the pallet where you can stack.

Anyways, best of luck!