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Palletization error

Hi everyone!

I’m not really sure what this error means, could someone help me?

Wether I use the assistent wizard or I do it manually, this error appears after I finish setting the reference positions for the palletization.

It seems to be a reach problem but no axis is near its limits nor is the arm in a weird position.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

It means you have defined a position that the robot cannot reach.

This can happen in a pallet definition if the extreme points from the robot base have approach or exit points that are outside of the robots reach.

This can also happen if the point was taught using one TCP and is being used with another TCP that has less reach.

I was able to complete the palletization by modifying the approach and exit positions after completing the assistant wizard.

After the error appears I reteach the positions (using the same points, so the positions are not moved) and the program doesn’t get any errors.

Both wizard and manual palletization get errors but reteaching those same points (after the error appears) manually is ok for the cobot.

If you feel there is a bug in our software and you want to document it, please recreated the problem in a short program that only performs the one function and send the program and installation file to our support team at


Preferably you will have no URCaps installed for the example you send.