Pallet variables in installation variables is not incrementing


I created a pallet sequence in UR-10e series.
Pallet- Grid(4x4)

Remember last item location in pallet sequence was checked.

Now the problem is, pallet variable in installation screen is not getting incremented while running. Only the pallet variables in the run screen is getting incremented.
So if we stop and start the program, it takes the value of pallet variable from the installation variables.

Why is this happening at times?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Maybe it doesn’t like the ( ) parentheses in the name…???

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Bruce may be right with the parentheses in the name.
However, we occasionally run into a mode where the system doesn’t overwrite the installation values.
Rebooting the controller solves that issue for a period of time.

If a reboot solves the problem for you, let UR know - they’ve been trying to track this down.

I created a short program which displays the value of an installation variable, then replaces it with a random number, then stops the program.
Run the program again - if the number is different, then all is ok. If the number is the same, then the system isn’t correctly updating installation variables and needs to be rebooted.

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes after system reboot, it is working fine.