Variables not saving/displaying at run

So we’ve had this happen twice, on two separate machines, in the last few days . . . .

UR5e, used to load & measure part diameters.
Setup program queries operator for part dimensions & tolerances & sticks those values into Installation variables.
Then we pull up a separate measure program which places the parts on the gage, determines whether the parts are acceptable, and places them in good/bad piles.
System was rejecting parts. Normally during run the display shows the variables on the right side, so the operator can scroll thru & verify the specs are correct.
In this case, the display was showing “No Variables”. Looking at variables under the Installation tab, the specs were wrong - probably values from the last job.
Restarted the control, and the variables are showing up, albeit still the old numbers.
Re-ran the setup program and all is well.
Seems like it lost track of the installation info.

Is there something we might have done wrong, or just “one of those things” where a restart solves the problem (seems to be lots of those, between the controller, I/O devices, etc.)

What software version are you using?
There was minor fix to installation variables processing in 5.11.8. Some URCaps are sending scripts to controller, that in turn overwrite global variables.

We upgraded to 5.11.8 a few weeks ago (before this issue came up).
This was the entire set of variables -30 or 40 of them- which didn’t show up on the screen and apparently got lost until reboot and re-enter the 5 or so variables which change from job to job
Hasn’t happened since.

There was a time when the operators would shut the robots down every Friday afternoon, so they’d get rebooted at least once a week. Recently there’s been work on Saturdays, so I think they got out of that habit.
Seems like everything needs a rest now & then.

Have another instance of this right now - operator called to inform me that the robot seems to be running correctly, but the display is “no variables” on the right-hand screen. there should be 2-3 pages of variables showing.

I expect if we reboot the controller it would straighten it out, but the job is running, so we’ll let it go.