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Pallet pattern positions are off

ur version:

Please refer to the dropbox link,which is the program that I ftp over…
In my ur program,have 2 Pallet List. First pallet List has no issue (within isPick Loop), however 2nd Pallet List PatternPoint_2 (within isPack Loop), which is Anchor position always misalighment in run time.

Please advice.

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Maybe this is an issue, that we (our customers) discover quite often. It seems to be related to how UR stores the positions (and use it for calculations).
Please do this with all Waypoints inside the defective palletizing block:

  1. “Move robot here”
  2. without changing anything apply "Change this Position"
    Remember: if you have multiple TCP’s, be sure, that the correct one is active.

This can happen if you change your TCP after you taught the palletizing function, so “move here” works as expected, since it moves to the joint positions, but the calculated positions take the TCP into account and move to another (joint)position.


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