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Operating hours counter UR


UR specifies approx. 30,000 hours of operation on their robots. Is there a way we can determine the current operating hours of a robot? We couldn’t find it on the teach pendant. we have a UR10 / CB3, software version 3.7 (late 2018).


You should find it on the Run tab on the teach pendent.

that screen isn’t available on a CB3…

Oh. Sorry. :shrugs:

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Hi @mvrooij

Hi @mvrooij , UR doesn’t specify 30,000 hours as operation hours of our robots. The service time of each robot will be different depending on the application it’s been used. That way, we can’t confirm that the way you are using your robot will be the same way another person is using for welding or palletizing for example.

If you are interested in knowing how your robot is doing, I’d recommend using one of our service products like Remote Check, Onsite Check, Field Visit, Service Center refurbishment program, Log Viewer software to use as a follow-up on your robot. Using these products or tools you will be able to predict how much hours your robot will be able to run or how your robot is doing at the present moment and if it needs any enhancements to prolong its lifetime.

Unfortunally there is still not in place a perfect round number as this one (30,000 hours). It will definitely have a way longer operation hours if the programming is built the way we give as best practices to avoid any external stress on the joints.

Please contact some of our UR colleagues or distributors to help on the options I’ve talked above to check your robot performance.

Thank you. :slight_smile: