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Number of significant digits in pose orientation (Rx, Ry, Rz) [unit : radian]

I have a question regarding number of significant digits after the decimal point in pose orientation (Rx, Ry, Rz) [unit : radian].

How many digits after the decimal point are supported for the pose orientation ?
e.g. 0.001 radian ? 0.000000001 radian ?

I just want to know maximum digits after the decimal point in UR spec.
It seems no description on this in script manual.

Good question, someone from UR might have to answer this. I’ve seen the most through RTDE but I don’t remember how many digits it was. On pendant through the “move tab” you can see 3 decimals (milli) and if it’s through modbus it’s converted to integer so you have to divide by 1000. If you use function get_actual_joint_pos() in a program you see up to 6 decimals in the variables tab but I’m assuming any of these functions have a rounding function.

So… basically I’m not really sure, sorry. Maybe someone else can help you. Is there a specific amount you need for data recording? If you try to enter joints in radians down to thousandths of a radian (0.0001) I believe the UR rounds to 3 significant figures so there is a limitation/tolerance on what values the robot can realistically achieve. I could be wrong here but that’s what I’ve seen. Anyways hope that helps, and best of luck!

Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Ya, I’m eager to get response from UR.