Degree instead of Radient

Hey Community,

I wrote a little script for my UR3 which looks like this.

CenterPoint = “movel([-1.1374195257769983, -2.982007165948385, -1.8962527513504028, 0.5131620603748779, 1.3882300853729248, 9.879166666661398], a=1.2, v=0.25)\n”
received_data = s.recv(1024)

Is it possible to write the Degress instead of the radiant ? Because i want to move the TCP in the RZ for example 25 Degrees each waypoint

Try using URscript functions:

r2d(radians) #will output degrees


d2r(degrees) #will output radians

Hope that helps, and best of luck!


Thank you Michael,

I wrote the scrip in phyton but I´m still a total beginner with programming. How exactly would I Use the r2d(radians) function ?

Replace the angles in the pose with d2r(180) or something like that.

myPose = [x, y, z, d2r(45), d2r(90), d2r(135)]

The function is part of the standard library and just converts one to the other.

i tried to convert the radians from my function into degress but the robot performs a totally different movement when using d2r

Any Ideas why ? for example my last coordinate ist 9.87 radient which is 565.5093 Degree converted and would like like this d2r(565) ?