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Not able to download URSim offline Simulator version 5.4

I did visit the download page of the UR Support site, and when I go to E-series to download the latest URSim Software(5.4) , it does not provide me with the download link, whereas for the URSim 5.3 it provides me a download button. Want to know if it just for me or is there an issue in the site.
Do let me know what can be done. Attaching the image.

Same problem applies here. And also if i try to download the 5.4.0 update software:

URSIm, Robot Image Software and the Robot Software Update for 5.4.0 are currently deactivated as 5.4.1 is to be rolled out soon :wink:

Aha, thanks for the information :slight_smile:

Sound perfect. Thank you for letting me know.