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Robot software SW3.12.0 cannot be downloaded (SW3.12.1 can be downloaded)

Robot software SW3.12.0 and offline simulator SW3.12.0 cannot be downloaded.
Now, don’t we have to use SW3.12.0? (have to upgrade SW3.12.0 → SW3.12.1 soon?)

I think what you’re asking, is whether you can upgrade directly from 3.11.x to 3.12.1? This is an update you can do all in one go without a problem. It is when rolling back software versions that you must be particularly careful with versioning. I guess there must have been some large bug with 3.12.0 that was fixed in 3.12 and thus they have removed it form being downloadable.

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Thank you for replying.
I know that upgrading 3.11 -> 3.12.1 is possible.
I think why SW3.12.0 is only deleted.

But if it has no problem as you said, I will understand about this.
I will upgrade to SW 3.12.1.