Moving programs from one robot to another


I have a client who wants to create a duplicate of an already working workstation that uses a UR10 for pick and place.
I created a one-to-one copy of the workstation and moved the programs from the already working robot to the new robot using the magic files. The robots in question are UR10. The only difference between the already working workstation and the one I created is that my robot has dowel pins mounted to its base. The other robot does not have dowel pins.
The problem that I am facing is that even though the programs are the same and everything else is the same when I run the programs on the new robot I get a quite big offset from the desired waypoint.

Is there a way for me to make the robot go to the desired position without changing all the waypoints found in the programs?

It is worth mentioning that most of the waypoints are variable waypoints that are calculated according to complex formulas as each piece has to be picked at different angles and placed at different angles.

Hi @dan.sirboiu

Since your 2nd robot is ot dowelled, you are bound to experience a difference in coordinates between the 2 robots. 1mm out at the robot base becomes a significant offset by the time you are at large robot reaches. My suggestion would be that you teach your own coordinate system to the 2 robots and adjust your calculations such that the variable waypoints are generated in this coordinate system. Assuming that both cells are identical you could teach a plane against one fixed part of the cell, allowing the 2 robots to generate coordinates in the same frame relative to the cell, rather than using the base coordinate system.

You could also teach various planes for various parts of the cell, which may improve accuracy, though this may require more calibration.

Hope this helps,


I think I have a similar problem…
I have programmed some trajectories directly with the Polyscope of my UR-5e. The waypoint values are saved with respect to the frame of the robot’s base. Before executing the program, I need to measure some points of my part and align it with three points, creating my new frame (“new frame”). Is there any method so that the trajectories that previously I have programmed with the Polyscope save them with respect to the new frame that I have created? I always need to align my robot to the part before I start running the program.
Therefore, I need all previously saved points (waypoints) to move based on the previous alignment (“frame new”).