Problems programming a smooth trayectory using URScript

I am trying to program a trajectory in a UR5e robot using URScript in PolyScope. I program the trajectory using movej giving the points at every 5ms.
The code is something similar to (there is only variations in the second and sixth joint angles)


there are about 500 lines.

When I run the code in simulation mode the program runs correctly. But when I run the code in the robot (with the emergency stop button ready) the robot moves very slow and with a lot of vibrations that move even its table and I have to stop it. It seems that at every movement the robot start and stop and not join all the movements.
Is there any way of making a smooth movement with all the points?

movej stops at every movement if you don’t specify a blending radius, that’s way you see the robot shaking. :slightly_smiling_face:

So try to define also a radius (r parameter) in your commands.

If blending radius would be too small for your trajectory consider using servoj command instead.

Thank you for your suggestions.
I tried the solution using movej with non-zero r parameter but many errors appear. I spent about two hours and everything was getting worse.
But the solution with servo was great and solved the problem successfully.

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