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Move with constant speed & acceleration and no jerk

I want to move from 1 pose to another by moving through intermittent points. I’m not able to do it without any jerks. Can i get some help here?

You can use the script command “interpolate_pose” for moving intermittently.

Thank you to reply. Now if i have to move from [4,0] to [6,0], via [5,0], it should move via [5,0]. In interpolate_pose, it will interpolate a pose in which in can travel. Can i get help in this case? I have the intermittent points with me

Intermittent pose rather

Did you try using movep with a appropriate corner blend radius?

This is a poorly worded question. How are you controlling the robot? What commands are you using? Please provide steps to reproduce so people can help you.

I’m trying to use movel with appropriate blend radius. There are some jerking issues. Trying to solve that. Thank you for your time.

My objective is to move through different waypoints consecutively. I am using movej with appropriate blend radius. The problem that I am facing is that if I am giving 5 waypoints, the middle waypoints are being ignored and the movement happens through the first waypoint and the last waypoint without passing through the intermittent waypoints. When I give time.sleep(), the robot stops and then the movement occurs. I need this to be smooth. Can I get some help here? I am trying to avoid any kind of jitter while moving through the intermittent waypoints.