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Moving smoothly across waypoints without pausing

I have a linear movement that I wish to go through multiple waypoints. I don’t want any pause in between but I need to adjust the speed in between each way point

So for example it would be fast for 4 inches and then slow for 20 incches and then fast again for 4 inches. Again this is on a linear movement.

I tried using the blending and higher acceleration… It doesn’t work to well

Hi @cbc.paulh ,

Why couldn’t adjusting the blending and acceleration work well?

Maybe try adding stopl() commands after each linear movement.

I am actually not familiar with scripting so trying to this all on the user interface. So how would I implement the stopl(), could you show me a sample script then I will try to modify. Thank you in advance.

Basically, I am trying to keep a tool in a linear path only changing the x axis. For example, I want the robot to

  • move 40 in/sec from left to right for 4 inches
  • then non stop an go a variable between 8 to 30 inches at 30 in/sec
  • then move another 4 inches at 40 in/sec

Again, all the above non-stop in only the x-axis and achieving those speeds as closely as possible

Any sample codes or what the user interface program would look like will be super helpful.

Thank you,

Hi @cbc.paulh ,

Basically, adding a blead radius is the method to have non-stop movements so it should work. What problems do you have when you use it?

Use MoveP instead of MoveL

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