Missing EOA Features - FreeDrive, Status Light, Waypoint Generator


This post is not meant to pick on UR and I’m not here to promote other companies (images are strictly for visual comparison between UR’s EOA and a few other robot manufacturers EOA)

Currently CB and e-Series Robots are missing several convenient features many other companies have addressed that come standard with robot arm. See images below (Status Lights, Waypoint Generators, and FreeDrive Button):

What is it?

New replacement/generation of Wrist 3 or new series of robots with additional features included (first option preferably).

Why is it needed?

I am aware you can get this functionality through third party devices (URcaps, UR+) and also wiring up a freedrive button to the tool I/O as well, however these features seem to be becoming more and more popular out-of-the-box especially for collaborative robot manufacturers.

Since UR+ was created many have solved these issues by creating I’m assuming ‘patented’ URcaps, will UR be adding these features to future ‘series’ of robots?

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