New UR20 Announcement

I’m surprised UR hasn’t shared this yet.
UR20 Announcement

You can get the specification sheet on their website.

Whoever did that video needs to stop with flashing keywords while “typing” them on the screen during the beginning.

Made it really hard to read for my old eyes and I shut it off after about 15 seconds.

If it helps at all, the flashing keywords end after about 25 seconds, and all the good info comes after that as well :slight_smile:

@miwa i know there is only the current specification sheet posted on your webpage. I’m interested in learning and asking more technical questions about the UR20. I believe Kim at Automatica said these are coming some time next year, is there anyone I can reach out to at UR (or yourself included) to ask more technical questions about the new cobot.


@michael.r.mercer You can send me a message here with your email, and I can reach out to you to field your questions.