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Make installation file that boots to URCap directly?


I was wondering how to boot directly to a URCap, without having to go to Installation, then select the URCap, and then do the work from there? As in, I want to show the URCap on boot, and not show any of the other options that Polyscope normally shows on boot.

Also, how do I make buttons that link to the Run Program functionality of the tablet? I need that, as well as a button that goes to the Move Robot screen. It will go to the screen with the blue arrows. Please let me know ASAP.

Thank you in advance, and Best Regards

i would recommend to build your own Robot UI on a client Interface and use the RTDE to communicate with the robot.
It is neither possible to show up a URCap on boot not to build your own run Program button inside Polyscope (this could only be achieved by a physical button using digital Inputs when a Program is active).
The only thing that works is to open the Move Robot Screen when using the getRobotCallback Method.

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Where is the getRobotCallback method? And what do you mean by build your own UI on a client interface? Is there a guide on how to do so, or do you just build one out on python? Please elaborate.

Thank you so much!