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Magnetic Field interference

I found the below cautionary element in the user manual, and I was wondering what exactly this means as far as putting a magnetic end effector on the robot. Is there any information on how strong this magnetic field has to be to mess with the functionality of the robot? or are magnetic end-effectors non-recommended in general?


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This parameter is not currently characterized, or measured.
Robot housings are made of aluminum and plastic, so magnetic fields can easily penetrate inside.
On the other side we use powerful magnets on motor rotor, and that makes no problem for other parts, so I’d say that you shouldn’t put very strong magnetic fields at plastic lids or just next to joint motor.
If strong magnetic field will be present close to flange, then magnetic shielding should be considered.

Yes, but the rotor and stator should keep that magnetic field relatively contained. I suppose the better question to ask you, is if there is a magnetic field present and it effects the robots functionality, is that damage then permanent or will the removal of the magnetic field solve the problem?

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There is a magnetic encoder in the joint - just below the plastic lid.
This could be affected by external magnetic fields, and hence cause faults.

Thank you @jbm, that fully answers my question.