Dynamic Payloads - Ex. Open Machine Door

Hi all,

I am attempting to use a UR10e for machine tending. I want to use the co-bot to open the doors by physically pushing them open. However, I don’t know how to set payload for something like this. The doors have their initial resting closed spot that takes a good amount of force to open. However, once open the doors glide freely. If I increase the payload to open the door, the co-bot will fault out as soon as that payload decreases.

Thanks for the help!

Have you looked into the Force instruction? You can tell the robot to move to a certain waypoint, or distance, etc while applying X newtons of force. You could use this to “break the seal” so to speak on the door, and then just move the robot like normal.

That is kind of the route I was thinking. Will the robot fault out if it has a force set but not seeing any force feedback?

Nope. It’s just going to be applying the force however you define it to do so.

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Are you able to keep your door tracks clean of chips and debris? That’s usually the other hang up people run into using the arm to open machine tool doors.

You may be able to use a short stroke cylinder to get the door out of its closed position that takes the extra force so you can use a constant, lower force with the arm afterwards.

Additionally, if cycle time is very important for you, this is the slowest way to give the robot access to the machine between parts. You may want to look into a full door opener if your cycle time is paramount.