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Force_mode() to keep robot stationary

Our application brings the robot to the part then extends the end-of-arm tooling to perform its task. The problem is the robot deflects away from the part. Is there a way to use force mode to prevent this deflection?



How much force is the end effector applying?

If it’s an insertion, you can try to use the Frame option, force in the Tools Z direction and limit the X and Y movements, the rotations Rx, Ry, Rz aswell as the speed in the Z direction. In force mode it will be able to deflect, but I don’t know if it will apply more force or have a violation if the tool applies an opposite force. But if ya try, tell us how it goes!

But without a FT sensor, it will be +/- 10 N. You can always have it in force mode for a few seconds (With a wait), but I assume it is still more likely that it will then deflect if you are not using a e-series or a FT Sensor.

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