"Low when not running" vs "Low on unscheduled stop" - 2-Part Question

Hi All,

  1. Is anyone able to shed some light on the difference between setting a digital output action as “low when not running” vs “low on unscheduled stop”? It seems that low on unscheduled stop option would be ideal of ensuring ancillary equipment stops during a fault or when an emergency stop button is pressed, but in testing it so far it doesn’t seem to do anything. If I set the action for a digital output to low when not running, then the output does in fact go low if an e-stop button is pressed. If I set the action to low on unscheduled stop it remains in whatever state it was in when the e-stop is pressed.

  2. Is there a good workaround that still allows for manually toggling digital IO for testing when these actions are set?