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Limit code amount

Hello, i am working with ur10 and i have a problem with the code size. The robot is connected via sockets with my pc and I send the code directly from here. When the route points are less than 500, the robot starts work smoothly, over 500 points the robot stays silent. It seems a memory problem …
can you send the queue in real time line by line? Or is there any special feature to be enabled because over 500 points do not give rise to problems?

i use HAL robotic to create and send code


You can use below link for Real time data exchange from Robot arm


work also on a old release of the sotware? cb2 version 1.8?

thank you so much

Its for CB3/CB3.1 from software 3.3.

for CB2 version 1.8 you can refer Primay and Secondary Client Interfaces.link below.


Attached link has a Client_interface file at the bottom of the page.

many thanks!!!
is possible upgrade the robot from 1.8 to 3.2?

for example with motherboard substitution…

in attachment a screenshot of my tcp

many thanks