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UR10e - Are there program size limitations?

I am trying to develop a workflow for a pelletized plastic extruder (i.e. 3D printing) mounted to a UR10e (running Polyscope 5.11). I am using RoboDK’s Python API to create the program. Unfortunately, it appears the robot is unable to cope with programs much larger than 5000 lines - either the program doesn’t load, the robot hangs or we get a ‘ValueStack Full Capacity’ error. For my purposes, I desire programs with at least 50,000 (if not more) lines. Has anyone else come across this issue or can someone suggest a pathway forward? I am assuming that RoboDK’s ‘run on robot’ functionality is the same as remotely running UR Scripts via a socket - i.e. it doesn’t result in smooth motion between waypoints as the handshake protocol only issues one command at a time and waits receipt? I would also add that the UR10e seems worse than its predecessor (UR10 CB series) as the workflow above was developed on an older CB which could load much larger programs albeit with very long wait times. I’m hoping I have missed something completely obvious!

Hi @max.maxwell,

I am not aware of any well documented program size limit. But I have experienced that sending an external script is not equal to starting a program in Polyscope. So it might be an option to make a setup something like the ROS driver external control approach:

Or you can make use of the Interpreter mode, that is available on the e-Series

Best regards

Thank you Ebbe, I will explore the use of the ‘Interpreter mode’