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UR5 Dashboard and remote control by TCP IP

1).Primary client and secondary client, we check the manual find it follow some structure, it supports 4 message type: 16: ROBOT_STATE, 20: ROBOT_MESSAGE, 22: HMC_MESSAGE and 5: MODBUS_INFO_MESSAGE.
• We could not find the information about HMC_MESSAGE and MODBUS_INFO_MESSAGE, could anyone share some information?
• For ROBOT_STATE, we check it supports 11 types, such as robot mode data, joint data, etc, we don’t understand each package it sends out all 11 types or we need to set some parameters to select which type is needed to be sent out? It is better if anyone can share some codes or application notes.
• Could anyone share some information about ROBOT_STATE type value 10 (“Safety Data”).
• For ROBOT_MESSAGE, is the same question as above, because it has a lot data type char array, and we don’t the array size also.

2).Real Time client:
• The manual said it send out the data about 125Hz, it takes about 8ms each, the UR5 will send out the all package data about 1108 bytes each 8ms no matter such as if we have the other TCP/IP socket data transfer in other ports(traffic jam in the socket)
• Does anyone has some detail manuals about databorad or remote control by TCP/IP, because we could not understand some variable meaning, if not, which manual we could use to check

Hi @zentaur,

Take a look at the Real Time Data Exchange, it’s considerably easier to use than the client interfaces and achieves much of the same functionality:


what’s the difference between safety_mode and safety_status?

They’re almost the same. safety_mode has been there since the dawn of time, safety_status was added in 3.10/5.4, with all the same values as safety_mode plus a couple of new ones to differentiate between causes for a safeguard stop.

There’s an excel sheet at the bottom of the below linked article with a sheet explaining all of the potential values for each: