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ComboBox in ToolBar (not working) with Polyscope 5.8.3 in robot

Hello URCap developers,

I wrote an URCap that has a combo box in tool bar.
I can see the combo box in the tool bar but it is always shown as empty and I used
to disable the combo box and it didn’t worked as well in 5.8.3 polyscope of robot panel.
But it is working with 5.8.2, 5.9.3 and 5.9.4 polyscopes of robot panel.
I don’t quite understand why it is not working in only 5.8.3 version of polyscope.
I used 1.10.0 urcap sdk to develop my urcap.
Please see the screenshots for more and better understanding.
Can someone please explain me the reason for this problem.


The below is a working screenshot from robot

The below is a non working screenshot from robot (5.8.3)