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Keyboard Functions


Connected keyboard can coppy,paste,delete etc.

What is it?


connect the normal shortcuts to polyscope nodes so you can coppy,paste,delete etc. program nodes with your keyboard.

Why is it needed?

it would be verry handy wrinting larg code in polyscope now I still need to grab the mouse to coppy paste sertain things.

for left to right i thouth nodes would link to keyboard like:
PgUp - PgDn - crtl z - ctrl y - crtl x - crtl c - ctrl v - del - backspace

for switchinchin between codes down would be tab, and up shift tab

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Hi, I hope your suggested feature, too.

So it is better if this feature is realized with the following feature.


oewh yhea indeed, selecting multiple node’s with right-click, hold shift+right-click would be wunderfull :heart_eyes:

Or the ability to drag a rectangle over multiple nodes to enable, similar to clicking and dragging over files in a file explorer, which would remove the ability to scroll through the program by dragging the program tree, but given a program can be scrolled using the scroll bar, I personally would prefer the ability to select multiple noes at once.

It may be realized if windows edition of polyscope is able to be developed.
(for example, that’s named “UR Studio” )

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+1 to these requests.

I know that the Doosan robots have a multi-select mode for copying and pasting multiple program lines. They also have a Desktop version of their programming interface for making changes and then syncing them over to the robot with one Button.

I don’t mind programming over VNC if I have a desk setup by the robot, but getting rid of that latency with a dedicated desktop App would be nice.

And I have the request to copy and paste between two polyscopes.

Now that’s an ambitious ask haha. I’ve been putting code in subprograms and saving them to move chunks between programs.