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Feature request: shortcut on polyscope

Hi, I want to suggest the shortcut feature.


The feature of shortcut can be used on polyscope.

Why is it needed?

It is possible to save time creating robot programming.

For example

copy: Ctrl+C
paste: Ctrl+V

suppress & unsuppress: Ctrl+Q
add waypointnode: Ctrl+W
add setnode: Ctrl+S
move node up: Ctrl+↑

and so on…

This being in URsim, correct? I second that motion.

I’m not sure how well two-key shortcuts would work on a touch screen…

You can also use a mouse and keyboard

thanks for the awesome information.

Obvious info? Yes.

Awesome info? Sounds a bit facetious.

Aside from zoom and pan type functions, I can honestly say I’ve never seen a two-finger (read two-key) shortcut system on a touch-screen.

Maybe I’m still living in the 10’s, but if it was a thing I think I would have seen it by now.

Anyway, if you’ve got an example of how it would work, feel free to add something useful to the conversation instead of just logging in to be sarcastic.

When I am doing a longer programming session, i will use an external mouse / keyboard. And frequently try to use Copy/Paste shortcuts

I may not understand what the difference between polyscope and the teach pendent is. Well, except for maybe polyscope runs on the TP. Are you saying you can plug a mouse and keyboard into the single USB port on the TP and use them?

Or are you running polyscope from a computer (like I run URSim on my windows PC) and can you physically run the robot with it (URSim)?

:edit: So I just checked on my URSim and CTRL + C copies and CTRL + V pastes into text windows but not on the node tree.

Are you saying you can plug a mouse and keyboard into the single USB port on the TP and use them?

Yes, You can plug into the port on the pendant, or inside the cabinet. Inside also has a Video out port (HDMI/DP I forget which) that can run a monitor showing exactly what the TP shows.

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Oh, man. That could be a game changer. I may get a wireless mouse and keyboard to program with. And a monitor! hahaha

When I use URSim it’s much better to navigate with a mouse than with the touch screen.

Thanks for the heads up.

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