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Is it possible to add button to InstallationPage (com.ur.urcap.api.contribution.driver.gripper)

I am using the Template about gripper URCap to develop my Gripper URCap.
I have read the sample “AdvancedGripper”, “CustomGripperSetup”, “DynamicMultiGripper” and “SimpleGripper”.
And I also read the API reference “com.ur.urcap.api.contribution.driver.gripper” and the relevant functions.

I would like know

  1. Is it possible to add four Buttons to “InstallationPage”
  2. When the “GripperContribution” is implemented, can this class change the Button’s parameter “enable”?
  3. Is it possible to add a “grip action parameters” such as gripper motion direction, in the “programNodePage”.
  4. Is it possible to add action such as “Reset” , in the “programNodePage”.
  5. Is it possible to add UI component such as “RadioButton”, “Tab Page”, “SliderBar”, in the “InstallationPage”


this driver offers an easy and guided way to create a gripper URCap, which is already embedded in a uniform way into Polyscope. This allows for an implementation with a wide variety of already predefined features a lot quicker than the general URCap Programming. Having this guided approach also narrows down the options of individual customization.

The features you are looking at in your post are not possible using the gripper driver. What you can find in functionality from the different samples as well as the API reference gives you a good indication what is possible using the gripper driver alone.

For having access to the desired functions of yours, you would need to create a general URCap and register it as conformant device. To still be able to have your gripper registered as such, take a look at the registering_conformant_device in the /doc-directory of your SDK.