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Installing a urcap from a urmagic

Hi is it possible to install a URCap automatically? By that I mean not using the URCaps Setup screen. Would it be legit to install the URCap with the method used by the sdk to install on a simulator i.e. copying the jar file directly into the .urcaps directory? We would still have to restart the robot manually afterwards.

That would be useful for us because our URCap needs to be installed in two steps 1. installing a daemon on the controller; 2. installing the URCap. The problem we have is that the daemon and the urcap must have specific versions to work together. So having a single installation step would mitigate the risk of users installing incompatibles versions of the daemon and URCap.

UR does not recommend to use custom magic files to install URCaps plugins.

My suggestion is to use the given URCaps Setup screen to install and uninstall URCaps.
Further more, the daemon should be wrapped in the URCap jar-archive and deployed along with this.

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In our case the vision system takes quite a lot of disk space so we don’t want it to be stored directly on the robot flash drive. That is why we don’t package it in the urcap archive.

Then I guess that your external device (camera) includes a flash drive, where the SW is installed to save disk space?
Perhaps the URCap could do a check to find out what firmware is running there.

Generally, we do not recommend to develop custom or modified UR Magic files.

I agree. The URCap should be responsible for installing all dependencies required by the vision system.