Inertia of payload suspended on balancer

Hello, when UR moves payload suspended on balancer I have to set the payload close to zero because the robot technically doesnt carry it, ie the robot doesnt (better said must not) counteract the force of gravity on the payload because its already carried by the balancer.
However the inertia of the payload when moved around by the robot is not counteracted by the balancer and must be counteracted by the robot. However with payload set to nearly zero, the robot ofc doesnt counteract it and jerks while moving the payload.
To sum up, i cant set payload to real value because then the robot will counteract the nonexistent force of gravity and i cant set it to zero because the the robot doesnt count with the inertia of the suspended payload. My temporary solution so far was to set it as high as possible until the robot protective stops which helped but only little + i dont think its a good solution at all.
Can someone advise if there is some way around this? I havent found anything so far.