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Indicator of MagicFile running


Add an indicator if a MagicFile is running in the background.

Why is it needed?

If the robot has a lot of time running(years) it can take a log time to run the magicfiles to copy the information to the USB.

When Im backing up information of some of the 60 cobots we have in our plant, sometimes it is anoying not knowing if the magic file has finished its execution. Sometimes it can cause a waste of time if I remove it earlier and see the green “USB >” splash and I have to put it and wait a log time again.

It would be a small detail to make it more user friendly.


I agree this would be a nice feature. You can sorta do this on the .sh side if you adjust the script

but this is not a great fix since it will not stay displayed on the teach pendant.

I find it a lot easier to FTP into the robot to get the log files when the robot has had a lot of running time.


Agreed this would be a very helpful feature, especially when taking large backups, and you have to watch the leach pendant for a really long time!