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Reduced Mode with a script move command

How to reduce speed of a script command movej when safety reduced mode is initiated?

Hi All,

We are using the below script command within a program to turn J5 + or - 90/180 degrees.

b:=get_joint_positions() // returns actual angular positions for each joint in radians
b[5]=b[5]+d2r(90) // set joint 5 position + 90 degrees (d2r to convert from degrees to radians)
movej(b, a=190, v=500) // initiate rotate (acceleration = 190 rad/s^2, velocity = rad/s)

We have noticed that reduced mode has no impact on this move.

Anyone have experience with similar or a better way to reach the same out come but compatible with reduced mode?


Hi nflanne,

Reduced mode limits will overrule all movement speeds both in Polyscope and in script so I expect the lack of impact comes down to how you have configured your safety system. If you’ve just set a linear TCP speed limit under the general limits tab, it’s likely that rotating the final joint will not cause the TCP to exceed this speed limit especially if the x and y TCP offsets are close to zero.

If you set a maximum speed for J5 under the joint limits tab less than the velocity you are moving it at, then you should see it take effect.

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