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[IMPLEMENTED] Tabbed panes like javax.swing.JTabbedPane

As a UR+ developer for YouRing product, I would like ability to have tabbed pane, so it can allow the user to switch between buzzer and leds functionalities in the same program node.
The functionality of a tabbed pane is to have a GUI element to create a Tab with different views inside a GUI panel.


We have already described an unstructured “paged” ProgramNode here.
Your suggestion can be a good compromise since it exploits the same tabbed style of the whole UR environment.

Alessandro Tondo @qbrobotics


Thank you for the feature request to create tabbed panes.

I believe it is closely related to the discussion, that @alessandro.tondo is also referring to.

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This feature request is now considered implemented!
Check out the release of PolyScope 5.0 and PolyScope 3.6 - and the SDK 1.3.55.