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Custom JDialog / Additional Tab


I’m new to urcaps and iam looking for best practice doing a panel (eg JDialog or tab) for monitoring or user settings before starting the program.
At that point the preconfiguration. installing urcap settings, programming are done.
Is there a way to add an additional tab in Polyscope 3.7 to the JTabbedPane (run | move | I/O | Log | custom ) in the “Run Program”-view? eg for monitoring or selections - similar to a “Toolbar” in Polyscope 5.x?

Some programming tests with urcaps eg “ProgramNodeView” or “InstallationNodeView” are looking fine. In my case I would like, that users are starting directly the section “Run Program”.
For testing I added a JDialog in “generateScript” (ProgrammNodeContribution) and appended the user selection to urscript - well, I think thats not the desired way … (?)

I would be glad about some ideas and hints.

target platform: UR10 CB31 Polyscope 3.7

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