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[IMPLEMENTED] Slider input element

As a UR+ developer for YouRing product, I would like ability to have slider input elements, so it can allow the user easily to adjust values of rotation speed, buzzer volume, buzzer pitch and other specific data.
The functionality of a slider is to change the value of a specific data within a range without insert the numeric value.



Thank you for this feature request.
It has been noted.
Other Developers who favor this request can elaborate on the use case below, or show their support by liking the original post.

I was trying to accomplish the same thing and ended up using python and tkinter to develop a slider based input screen. The screen resides on my pc and is callable through the command prompt. It opens and waits for user input, sends and closes. The tkinter gui is fairly straight forward and easy to use.
Here is the basic code for two sliders… change to your needs
root = Tk()

w1 = Scale(root, from_= -6, to=6, orient = HORIZONTAL,tickinterval = 1,length = 300,width = 20)
w2 = Scale(root,from_ = 0, to= 720, orient=HORIZONTAL,tickinterval = 15,length = 1200,width = 20)

Dear Jerry,
thank you for the tips.
We also made our custom overlay GUI to provide functionalities such sliders and more…
Anyway I invite you to read this communicate -> NOTICE: Supported and non-supported GUI elements in URCaps

It says that overlays or other non-supported GUI elements will be blocked from a future software version.
so we made a feature request to be able in future software version to use the slider input element.

This feature request is now considered implemented!
Check out the release of PolyScope 5.0 and PolyScope 3.6 - and the SDK 1.3.55.

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