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About the Product Wishlist category

Have an idea for a new PolyScope, URCap API, robot arm, or controller feature? Share it here! Each post should contain only one feature request. ‘Like’ to upvote.

A feature request must have the following format:

  • Title of feature request
  • Description of feature as use case
    As a <role> I would like <this feature> so it can <give some benefit>
    E.g. As a UR+ vision system developer, I would like ability to have slider input elements, so it can allow the user easily to adjust contrast and saturation settings within the allowed range.
  • Optional technical details
    E.g. if there are specific technical requirements.

You can also consider elaboration with phrasing like:

  • As a “title/function” I would benefit from “feature request” when I “use case”.
  • Implementing “feature request” in the URCap API would make it possible to “use case”. Thus making it easier to “practical functionality”.

If you have an alternate use case, to a feature request that already exists in here, please back it up by elaborating on your specific use case. Alternatively LIKE the post, if you believe it is spot on.

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