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Ideas for improving Primary interface and Dashboard Server

This message is for the UR development team.

Several customers or collaborators are telling me about the following few features that would be very useful:

  • It is currently not possible to resume a program with Dashboard Server. You can stop or pause, but the “play” command resumes the program from the beginning. Could you add a “resume” command?

  • In Primary/Secondary Interfaces, the GlobalVariablesSetupMessage and GlobalVariablesUpdateMessage seem to be sent when there is a value change and when a program starts. If you connect while a program is running, you are not informed about the list of currently declared variables. Could you also send this information when a TCP client connects?

  • There is no way to write a variable remotely (even by sending script with Primary Interface : it stops the program running. Also a secondary program cannot write a variable…). Is it possible to have a way to remotely write a variable, like a Dashboard server command?

Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:

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These features would be very useful. It would make life much easier if there would be a simple way to write variables remotely and have an option to simply resume the program instead of running it from the beginning.