Universal Robots+

I cannot run URSim on the new SDK

Hi guys,
After one week after downloading and installing a new SDK I wanted to test my new .urp file through the ursim. But unfortunately, after deploying it with Maven, I am not able to turn on the ursim. Here are the screens. It crashes when the loading bar hits 100%.

I tried to change the dependecies in install.sh file but it did not work out. Would love to hear your advices!

After installing the ursim as a separate virtual machine I was able to open it, but then after instlaling my urcap it has crashed in the same way. I cannot open the ursim again. It is a common issue?

I currently have this issue as well. Working on trying to figure it out, so if I do, I will post. However, I also get the same error, and then the simulator cannot be opened anymore aside from creating a new VM.

Did you solve the problem?