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HTML local storage

I have a need to store and retrieve a few values from the gui. I would like these values to persist between sessions and be callable back to the gui as default values. I have two options to accomplish this task, write a .txt file to the system or use html local storage. I have written code that works for both in my editor but have not yet tried local storage in a deployed URCap.

Is it possible to use HTML local storage in a URCap?

Hi Jerry,
Limited support for HTML and CSS is there just for laying out components on GUI panels. There is no support for javascript at all.
You should use DataModel and installation variables from URCap API to persist data between program runs.
You can take a look at Cycle Counter example in latest SDK to get some inspiration.

Thank you mmi, After a bit, we built a work-a-round that appears to accomplish all of the tasks. That being said, perhaps at some point in the future UR might think about allowing local storage as a methodology to store html variables.
Thanks again for the answer,