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URCap Gui multilanguage support

Hi, I need to provide multilanguage support to our URCap plugin.

I have several questions:

  • do you have any valid public process to provide multilanguage support to an URCap Gui?
  • Injecting text to GUI control is only possible by marking html elements with id and wire them into java code by attributes?
  • is it possible to get instance of an html element without java attributes, I mean for example elementTree.getById(“titleLabel”)
  • is it possible to inject custom html into an element (div), if the html conforms the sdk restricitions?
    –> for example headContainerDiv.setInnerHtml(“

    This is the title

    –> Setting new lines and bold characters could be easier this way


You may import java.util.Locale,java.util.ResourceBundle to do internationalization. As for the following questions, in my understanding, No.