How to use Ur robot to do circular telecontrol?

Hello, I would like to ask you how to use Ur robot to make circular remote motion. I want it to be able to make circular motion around the fixed center and radius. Is it just one spot at a time? Is there any good instruction I can try?

You can select a MoveP which then has an optional “Add Curve” button at the bottom. It takes 3 points to construct an arc, so you’ll need 2 MoveCs.

Alternatively, you can use trig to convert polar coordinates to Cartesianal coordinates, and simply let theta run from 0 to 360 inside a loop/script node:

x = rcos(theta)
y = rsin(theta)
moveP(p[x, y, Z_height, 0,0,0], speed, acc, blend, time)

I’ve done circles this way in the past, and it worked pretty well. Just fixed a point in the middle and picked an r. Inside the loop I ran theta = theta + 1 until it was > 360. I may have used the path_offset() command as well, not sure.

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Thank you, I am using MoveC at the moment, but I can only set two points, I want to set more, I will try your method.

You don’t have to do a whole circle in 2 moves. When we teach robots doing circular welds, we teach it in quarters. So 8 points total, every 45 degrees

So you can move 1 over n circles at a time, right? But is it still a circle?