How to restart after "HALT"

Good morning together,

I have a question. My UR10e is connected to a Siemens PLC.
From the Siemens PLC i send a Stop Signal (bool) to the UR. If that signal is “true” the UR will “Halt”:

After that i want, that the operator has to initialize the program (also via bool signal from Siemens PLC).
My question is, is there any script command, that will start my robot again after i stopped it with the “Halt” command?
Or how can i make the robot to run again?

Thank you in advance.
Kind regards from Luxembourg!

You can use the dashboard server I believe to initiate a program start. Otherwise, an easier way (in my opinion) is just to run a discrete signal into the controller on any of the digital inputs.

In the Installation Tab > I/O Setup you can select any digital Input and set it to “Start Program.” Then as long as the controller is in “Remote” or “Automatic” (I think) this input will start the program.


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Hi @eric.feldmann,

thanks for your suggestion.
I was just thinking if there would be a way to start the Program via script.

I´ve done it now in a different way (I´m sure its not the nicest one):

Basically my program is devided into 4 parts:

If someone presses a “Quick-Stop” Button on my Siemens HMI the Robot should stop (Stop Request= True):

To get out of this “IF” Path Im waiting for the Signal “Init_Robot”.

So the operator has to press a “Init” button on my Siemens HMI. After that i check where was the Robot (program tracker) when the operator activated that “Quick-Stop”.
Depending on that position i go different routines to move the robot to a defined Home position.

I´m pretty sure that ppl with more expierence wouldn´t do it that way. But at least it seems to work for me.