Start UR10e with Siemens PLC via Profinet after full emergency Stop

I can already reset the emergency stop but it has to be “started” again. (Usually done with the teach pendant.) How can i give the robot control the signal Via Profinet to start? I have already tried the remote start option but it seems like this is for power on / power off and not for this starting when the robot is already turned on.

You just need to configure an input on the robot to be have a play action. Then from the PLC you just trigger that input.

Yeah, that is what works for playing the program. My problem is that i need to release the brakes. But i already have a solution: I use the PLC to communicate over TCP/IP with the UR Dashboard Server to send the command ‘brake release’.

Sorry, I misunderstood what you were asking when you said “started” again. Yeah, sending a dashboard command would be the only way I know to do that.