How to register digital IO variables so that they appear in the I/O Tab in Polyscope?

I want to create a URCap that will use master/slave communication similar to MODBUS. On one screen in the Installation tab I want to let user add/remove digital inputs and outputs (Similar to MODBUS) and I want these I/O to be visible on the I/O Tab, again, similar to MODBUS. I’m having hard time registering these digital I/O and I could’t find any part of the API documentation that mentions registering/unregistering I/O so that it appears in the I/O Tab. I also searched for examples of this in the doc folder of the SDK but found nothing relevant.
Is this even possible with the latest version of the SDK?

I’m not sure if it helps or not, I do not know how to get them displayed on the I/O tab.
You can however get them displayed on the Variables tab of the program screen.
In order to do that you need to go to Installation, I/O setup. Select the I/O you wish to use, for example Integer Register “GP_int_in[5]” and give it a name, for example “Recipe_In”. Then go down to the Variables tab, still in Installation, and create a new variable with a name of your choice, for example “Recipe_Number”
In your program, create a thread with an assignment instruction setup as Recipe_Number = Recipe_In
In this example. “Recipe_Number” would be visible as a variable displaying the input to “GP_in_in[5]”

Hope this is of some use :+1:

Hello, I don think its possible to have a tab per say un the i/O tab. I would create the installation tab like you have done and display the info in the toolbar. This would allow the end user to easily see it during program execution as well, vs having to go the i/o tab.

just my thought should be to hard to pass the info to the toolbar.

let us know how it goes