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Check if Modbus or Profinet are activated

Hey Guys,

I am developing a UR Cap (InstallationNodeContribution) and want to know if Modbus or Profinet are activated via the GUI in Polyscope, but I don’t find a way how to check this, because I could not check for a specific signal or something. It has to be more generic.

Do you have any idea to get a workaround.

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through the API you can only read the Standard Digital I/O so actually there is no proper solution for that yet. If you don’t need real time response you can do the following:

  1. create a global variable
  2. send a program to the robot through secondary client which modifies your variable with a line e.g. var1 = read_input_boolean_register(0) with Sample: Send Script with button push URCap
    also note that you need to modify it to send multiple lines of urscript code: Secondary Client Issue
  3. read your variable through the API
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Thank you for your help, but in my case it is not applicable, because I don’t have a fixed Setup.
I hoped for a solution where I can get a flag from Polyscope, if Profinet is activated or not.

Maybe UR can extend their API in further Releases.

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i agree that this would be a valuable feature not only being able to read GPIO values through the API, also displaying its values in the native PolyScope UI as other Robots (Kuka, ABB, Fanuc) do.