How to program using toolpath while maintaining tool direction

I’m currently working on a glue dispensing application where the tool needs to be at 20 degree angle from the location of pins while dispensing glue. I have the tool path extracted as G code from the CAD model. Is there a way, I can maintain a 20 degree angle tool orientation as the tool moves around the part in a ‘U formation’?

does the robot run the path at 90* to the part right now? if so, you should be able to add the 20* tilt in the TCP settings

RIght now it’s oriented at 20° orientation. However as the tool move around the feature, needle points away from the target. Goal is to get the needle pointed at 20° towards the center as the tool moves in a “U” shaped path. So the tool will be pointing towards the center of “U” through out the movement