Change tool orientation on path


I have developed a urcap inside which my robot is able to follow s square wave trajectory given some input points as in the below picture.


I want to get the same tool inclination in both the long segments of my square wave pattern.

I can get the tool inclination thanks to a waypoint that identifies the starting point of my glue dispensing path.

Suppose to have a glue dispenser end-effector: i want to pull the glue in the ascending part of my square wave and i want to pull the glue even in the descending part of the square wave,

I need to find a way to automatically modify the setup of the glue dispender so that i can pull the glue on both side on the square wave pattern. (up to now i find myself pulling the glue on one side and pushing the glue on the other).

does someone have any hints about this?

Are you using path_offset() commands to produce the square wave motion? I would think you’d be able to simply substitute the rx, ry, and rz values of your waypoints to match whatever tool angle you were using on the rising edge.


Unfortunately i am not using path_offset() in order to produce the square wave: the operator stores a line of point, I intake them and make some math on them in order to produce a square wave. The correct orientation could be the one of the first point.

In some cases i cannot even stop the glue dispensing while changing this orientation. Do you have any hints?