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How to lock the robotprogram, that no changes like copy, delete cut can´t be made


I try to lock changes of the robotprogram for a special user. I already locked the childnodes that can be inserted by my urcap. To accive this I used:


But how can I lock changes in the program-structure like moving Nodes up and down, copy, insert, cut, or hide?
Maybe there is a possibility, to disable these Buttons in the program-structure-editor?
Or maybe there is a posibility to disable the button for saving the program?


I don’t believe its possible to lock these functions whilst in “Program Robot”. However, you can Set a system password in “Setup Robot / set password”. This will prevent the user from being able to enter “Program Robot” without the password, and stop them being able to make changes to any saved programs, the user can then run a saved program as normal in “Run Program”.This also restrict access to such options as the removal or addition of any more URCaps and updates to Polyscope,
Hope this helps…